Coloquium on Algebras and Representations
Quantum 19

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of Walter Ferrer

Montevideo, March 4-8 2019

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Invited speakers

Andres Abella (U. de la Republica)
Marcelo Aguiar (Cornell University)
Michel Brion (U. de Grenoble)
Alain Bruguieres (U. de Montpellier)
Pedro Luis del Ángel (CIMAT, Guanajuato)
Bojana Femic (U. de la República)
Cesar Galindo (U. de los Andes)
Gerardo González-Sprinberg
André Leroy (U. d'Artois)

Alexandre Miquel (U. de la República)
Sonia Natale (U. Nacional de Córdoba)
Antonio Montalbán (U. of California, Berkeley)
Antonio Paques (U. F. de Porto Alegre)
Maria Ofelia Ronco (U. de Talca)
Iván Shestakov (U. de Sao Paulo)
Mariano Suárez-Álvarez (U. de Buenos Aires) 

About the series of conferences Quantum

The series Quantum of coloquiums aims to promote exchange and colaboration in current topics, specially those related to tensor categories, Hopf algebras, quantum groups and representation theory of Lie groups and algebras in general. Moreover, it is also meant to be a space for training and learning of new theories, techniques and tools.

Quantum 19 is the fist of the series to be held in Uruguay. In this instance, the usual coloquium themes will be expanded to include algebraic groups.



The talks will be held in the "Edificio Polifucional José Luis Massera" located next to the Faculty of Engeneering, in the Parque Rodó quarter 


Participants that are visiting Montevideo for the meeting will stay in the hotel Intercity (Ibiray 2398 off Echevarria street) in the Punta Carretas quarter. It is a short 6 minute walk to the meeting venue.

Where to eat

In the interactive map on the left there is a selection of places around the meeting site where you can have lunch.

Travel information

Montevideo's international airport (Aeropuerto Internacional de Carrasco) is located to the East, just outside the city. There are a few options to travel to your hotel. We recommend to hire an airport taxi or an Uber (the latter being significantly cheaper).

Montevideo's Port is in the Old City quarter. If you're arriving with Buquebus, you can take a taxi outiside the terminal.

The options for accommodation are varied, from hotels at a short walk from the conference site, to cheaper ones in the city centre. Most participants will stay in the hotel Intercity Premium. If you are unable to find a suitalbe place, please contact the organisers.

The meeting wil take place during the Carnival holidays. Due to the influx of turists, it might be advisable to book your hotel in advance. 


Organising committee

Mariana Haim - Ignacio López Franco - Álvaro Ritattore

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